regularHoward, Reiki Master and intuitive, uses his unique perspective to help guide and empower his clients to enjoy a happier, more meaningful life.

The tools that Howard uses to help enlighten his clients are aura photography and soul contract readings.

My belief is that the person should be treated as a whole (holistically) and it is not just about treating symptoms of disease or illness in isolation and that we benefit greatly when we take part in our own healing process.  This then leads to addressing the whole human condition of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects which are all inter-connected. ~ Howard

Aura photography is an expansion of one of Howard’s passions. This type of photography captures the sensitive aura that radiates from a person’s body.

A person’s aura can show any colour of the rainbow and white. Each colour has its own attributes which Howard can describe in detail.

Another modality that allows Howard to lay the basis of a client’s work is called soul contract readings. This technique uses a person’s birth certificate name to identify areas of their physical and spiritual life that can be advantageous or challenging.

Spotlighting areas of interest for the client allows Howard to help him/her strengthen the possible weaknesses and expand on the strengths, allowing them to achieve their life goals.

Occasionally, a client may experience other blockages that may be hindering them from expressing themselves more fully. Howard can help by applying a healing to the client, allowing a release of the blockage and the client to move forward.

Would you like to work with Howard? Although aura photography & healing is done on a local basis, soul contracts and his inspirational intuitive readings may be done long distance over the phone or Skype. You can meet Howard locally at one of his upcoming events or arrange for a remote session:

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