aurasliderbkgrdDid you know that we are electromagnetic beings?

Because of this, people’s auras can be detected and captured on film or displayed on a computer.

And this, in a nutshell, is why aura photography is possible.

Aura photography is a method of biofeedback. The camera used is highly sensitive to interpret the frequencies from your chakras into colors.

The particular system that Howard uses incorporates a hand sensor that further enhances the collection of information about your organs and electromagnetic field.

The result: a vibrant, colourful image of you at that particular time. You as a spiritual being, captured in an image.

This isn’t a “one and done” thing.

Think mood lamp.

This is a real time capture of your mojo. Events and even what you eat can affect the colours displayed.

Want to see how meditation changes your auric field? How does that herbal tea affect your moods and what you’re projecting out?

Find out with taking a snapshot of your aura!

It’s like looking into a really sensitive mirror and seeing what you look like at the time.

How cool is that?

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