What is a Soul Contract Reading?

Each of us came into this earth plane to learn, experience, grow, and serve. We can discover what our purpose is by interpreting information about us into strengths, talents, and challenges.

This cool tool shows our roadmap for a lifetime.

What’s In a Name?

Everything is vibration. We create vibration through sound. We are identified by our name, or our name frequency.

This frequency, this vibration, attracts certain things for our learning and enjoyment. We build our experience that we desire through this attraction. We are here to grow and expand.

How Do We Learn of Our Soul Contract?

Ever hear of the Hebrew alphabet and the Kabbalah?

The Hebrew alphabet, one of five sacred languages of Light, consists of 22 sounds, or vibrations. This sacred language contains the original creation vibrations.

When your name is mapped to the individual characters, divine interpretation occurs, showing your mapping.

Your mapping of karma, hidden gifts and talents, physical and spiritual goals, and your Soul Destiny – the reoccurring theme of your life – will be laid out for your understanding with a soul contract reading.

Well, OK, but What’s In It For Me?

When you confirm all these components that make up you for this lifetime, you now have the tools to be able to achieve your goals.

Your potential – you now know how to determine the path of least resistance for you.

Karmic lessons? Seeing this can give you the insight to be able to modify your actions to achieve the best possible outcome.

Knowledge is power. Use it wisely.

What Happens When I get a Reading?

Well, first, let’s make sure that Howard has the correct spelling of your name.

Given that, your name is charted on a Star of David using the 22 characters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Each character has its own vibration and correlates to a specific human consciousness.

This is like the hero’s journey depicted by the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards.

By using the Star of David, your karmic lessons, talents, and goals for both the physical and spiritual are separated into triangles. Your Soul Destiny will be displayed in the middle.

Howard will interpret for you what each of the vibrations mean, helping you to gain understanding.

A report will be generated uniquely for you so that you can further reflect on this information and give a guideline for further possible sessions with Howard.

Wow, How Can I Get One of These?

It’s simple to request your soul contract reading with Howard:

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